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Aidan was born before the internet. In those early days, it was difficult to find and connect with people in similar circumstances over an actual cup of coffee. It was a slow and limiting process.

Once I started blogging, I found other families raising children with disabilites. I was not alone.

When other parents said, “I’m scared. I’m overwhelmed. I’m confused,” I said, “Me too, me too!”

When other parents recomended specific doctors and therapy equipment and speech devices I said, “Thank-you, thank-you!”

When the overwhelming message I read was that parents and professionals would always be at odds, I thought, that just can’t be. There is reason for that message. There is conflict in Disability World and many hurdles to get over. I’ve faced my fair share of them. There are also wonderful professionals who have been powerful advocates for Aidan and respected partners with me. This narrative needs to be shared as well.


So tell me about the power of connection in your life.

How do you connect with your children?

Do you have a story about working well with other caregivers in you life?

Tell me about a particular struggle or challenge you’ve met in Disability World.

I want to read it and share it.

Our stories are so important. They can bring us together, educate others, and set us free.

Somethings to think about:

Spend some time reading through my blog to see what I write about and what people respond to. Know that when you share your story it empowers others to do the same. So get your brave on and start writing!


  • Please send new content that has not been published on your blog or another site.
  • My usual word count is between 500-700 words. This is a good guideline but don’t let it inhibit or overwhelm you.
  • I may edit your piece.
  • Please include:¬†your name, a short biography, media links if applicable, and a few pictures relevant to your post.
  • I will let you know when I’m going to publish it. Please share freely on your social media.


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