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5 Responses

  1. danielle says:

    I hate cliffhangers!

  2. aefountain says:

    Well I am truly anxious to know what the big opportunity is. I, too am at a crossroads. I have been fortunate to have 3 major careers in my life: travel agent, numerous positions in the financial world and mom. My contract ends in 4 weeks and even with a life coach, something is holding me back. The something is ‘me’, but for the life of me I cannot figure out why.
    So I sit and patiently wait until you share your news.

  3. Amanda Jobin says:

    You’re too valuable and gifted to be tied down to one thing! I can’t wait to hear about what’s next!

  4. I didn’t realize a cliffhanger would be so effective. Think I’ll use them more often. 🙂 My sister called immediately after this post and said, “I don’t have to wait to find out with everyone else, right?”

  5. Kathy Harter says:

    Thanks for sharing….. i didn’t know that you teach piano…did you know I have been wanting to learn? we must talk. Also, I too hate the cliff hanger!!!!

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