Word Gets Around

Our stories are important, each and every one of them. I enjoy building community here on the internet and meeting new people.

Here are some places I have been privileged to share my story:

Beth Woolsey – I wrote Broken as part of her Parenting and Imperfection Series

Rachel Held Evans – A hearty Eshet Chayil to my friend raising a child with a cardiac condition

She Loves Magazine – A piece about seizures: Can Love Cover this Fear?

Alise-Write – Regarding Aidan’s birth: God’s Masterpiece

These Broken Vases – More on seizures: The Beast

Momastery – Probably my most brutaly honest piece: Wishing Him Gone

My Walking Walker – Mary Evelyn and I did a blog swap around the topic of mobility: My Walking Walker and her piece on First Wheels and Jetpacks

This is Motherhood Too – I’m living in Disabilty World and the Neuro-typical world at the same time. Here I had the privelege of writing about Liam.