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  1. Kristen says:

    Good for you! We elected to do the research study for Autism in Boston because they will not give us the results. (Unless in 100 years they come up with some super duper pill that corrects the deletion in the NRXN1 gene) We don’t know where it comes from either because the outcome does not matter. (Neither Seth nor I have been tested “officially”)They have discovered that it is linked to Epilepsy too, but again, it does not help us in any way. BUT, we had the info so we decided to add it to the pool. So, our numbers are in the pool, someone knows where/what/how the deletion happened, but we don’t and are fine with that. If our kids want to reproduce and figure it out then they can get tested then. Until then, we will take solice in knowing that nothing major came out of the study. They have to give us info if they find something treatable.

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