Welcome to My New Home!

Grab a beer from the cooler and chips from the table and let me walk you around my new digs.

First let’s make sure everyone knows how to gets posts regularly delivered to their inbox with minimal effort. The majority of Team Aidan subscribers should notice no interruption of this first class service but for some technical reason some subscribers couldn’t be transfered over. So, take a moment (if you didn’t get here by way of your email) to either fill in that pop up with a subscription invitation or go to the blue bar on the left that says Follow and fill in “subscribe.”

Next, for those of you (Mom) who stay away from Facebook because it’s an overwhelming time suck but have heard that I’m super witty there, you can now hop onto the Family Synapse page anytime without even joining  Facebook. Of course, if you’re part of Facebook please Like my page because those numbers are part of some fancy algorithm intended to make us all feel less secure about our self worth, or something.

While you should be able to find everything that lived at Team Aidan, I have two great additions. All the way at the bottom of this page is a tab with Helpful Resources. It’s a work in progress so please send me whatever information you want about agencies or resources that could be helpful to our community.

Lastly, it’s your turn to write. This is a family now, a connected community. My hope is to do a better job interacting with you. From my end I’m going to attempt to put a question at the end of each post in hopes of promoting conversation. Also, I want you to share your Synapse Story. Check out the (loosey-goosey) guidelines under the funky artsy blue quotations on the right there.

And now two big thank-yous. Blogmaster Uncle Joshy worked magic I tell you, him and his herd of Unicorns. I’m not even entirely sure how to work this space and I had absolutely nothing to do with building it (except naming it which is another post entirely). He transferred all of the Team Aidan posts and all of the contacts and put pretty things in pretty spaces. And then he gave me very clear directions how to post with pictures and details. Let me just say none of this is as easy as it looks.

Now check out the beautiful watercolors. Thanks to Rebecca Patenaude who painted Aidan’s Dream Big wall. We had many conversations about the feel of the blog and the idea of synapses. She hung in there with me though several draft where I said, “I LOVE that, but it’s not quite IT.” I wanted something personal, handmade, artistic and just a little tiny but science-y. Isn’t the header amazing?

And look what Joshy did with it. I have a cool doo-wah thingy that comes up in the URL:



And a cool Food for Thought graphic:



And just pieces of amazing that I’ll throw in when I’m too lazy for pictures:

fs rectangular thumbnail 4   fs square thumbnail 5fs square thumbnail 2


So that’s it for the moment. Wander around a little.

Now tell me, what would you like to see or hear more about in this new space? What caught your eye?