The Issue That Wasn’t

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  1. Shivaun says:

    Thank you, Heather, for sharing such exciting news with us–I will let Joe & Holly know of Liam’s running joy! Perhaps Holly will make him a card. Just want to throw a thought out there…if Liam would like to run in any of the Southern California track meets/marathons we would be happy to host him any time! He is welcome to come out with one or all in your family…it would be our delight. There is plenty of space & even more love! Bring the whole team! Keep sending pictures of Handsome Liam.

  2. Thanks Shivaun. Yes, I hope his running adventures take him everywhere! (especially to a college scholarship)

  3. Isn’t it an absolutely beautiful thing when our kids find that niche and excel? I think one great gift of being a parent is observing moments like these. I am so happy for you, and especially Liam, that this night went off so well.

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