Thankful Thursday

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  1. puttysauce says:

    Today, I am thankful that I read this post. I am grateful for Aidan who inspired this blog and you who wrote this piece that was perfectly timed for this incredibly difficult time in my life. Even though I’ve never met you, it’s amazing to feel connected to your gratitude and love for your family and the wide world who supports you. I’ve met your sister, Becca, who I am also grateful for because she is one of the most loving, vibrant people I know and is always looking out for me, which is why she sent me to this post.

    Thank you for reminding me that pain helps us to grow and to be patient with others who are in pain. Thank you for remind me to be thankful!

  2. TyTy, the Sly says:

    I was speaking to someone this week, who said that your analogy of going on a trip and ending up in a differnet destination than planned, resonated wih her, as she is going thru some stuff in her life that she never expected and isn’t part of the plan. Sharing your story has been a blessing to her and me. Thanks so much. Life is like a box of chocolates. You never really know what you’re gonna get. Unless you buy the box that only has 1 kind it. Or Lindt that has special wrappers for particular chocolates. Ok, I’m done.

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