Thankful Thursday

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4 Responses

  1. Um. So firstly…totally with ya on the stress. Life is just kickin’ the snot outta me right now. And it’s not even “real” drama. My hubs keeps telling me life would be fine – if there weren’t people! 😉 But nextly…I really don’t think we’re that far apart? Day trip maybe? I could use help purging my place! Then you’d be set for next week’s Thankful post too!


  2. danielle says:


    I was signed in under my blog. Oh well… that’s how Life’s rollin’ today.


  3. Danielle – And here I was worried that people would be writing to say I was no longer welcome in their homes without close supervision! Ok, so now I find out you write 2 blogs?! That just makes me more tired! What do you do in your free time? Oh right, homeschool your children. You’re a rock star among moms!

  4. She who shall not be named.... says:

    Ummm….so how many bag DID you end up throwing out??? Just wondering….

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