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More Wheels

I’m all about mobility this week and Aidan is all about being awesome so check out the following videos and watch how he turns with purpose. Note that this is his manual chair, a very different way of getting around. Smarty pants is getting smarter…..      


On Mobility: First Wheels and Jetpacks

A warm welcome to Mary Evelyn’s readers. Thank-you for joining our journey. I would be honored if you read the About Us page to find some of my favorite writings. And to my readers – I’m excited to introduce you to Mary Evelyn of What Do You Do, Dear? I first became intrigued with her blog because her son Simeon also uses a wheelchair but he’s so young! It still blows me away how kids surprise...


Wonder Wheels

Welcome new readers. Thank-you for joining us on this journey. Here you’ll learn about including a child with a significant disability in everyday life. I write about wheelchairs and seizures and family and school and all sorts of things in between. Please take a moment to check out our About Us page for my favorite posts and say hello in the comments section. *********** If you saw the amazing video about our accessible home remodel...



We went on vacation last week and it was wonderful. If you’re looking to go on vacation soon but haven’t yet decided where you want to go, why not have a look at some apartments in tuscany that could help you make your mind up? Our vacation was so fantastic. There were so many places for Aidan to drive around. He was pretty convinced that everyone else was taking vacation at the same time just...


Wheelchair Update

Shasta of Outrageous Fortune recently wrote this regarding a search for an appropriate wheelchair for her son Malachai: I worry that if I get him a power wheelchair that I’m “caving” or “giving up” on him ever walking, because why would he want to try crawling if he already had something that propelled him around? (Indeed, he already does that with me.) But I worry that if I force him to be in a manual...


Little Professor at it Again

(Aidan had another teaching gig recently with physical therapy students. This is a repost from his gig last year. To read more about Decision Wheelchair check out my turn in a chair, thoughts about the manual chair, and power chair and why even have a wheelchair?) “Gather round and listen up kids.” A few weeks ago Aidan had another teaching gig with a class of physical therapy students. They were learning how to administer a...


Community Man

I may have gotten Aidan’s wheelchair totally and completely stuck in the ground at Victoria Arlen’s celebration parade. Fortunately, another mom stopped to ask how she could help. I said, “Well, there was a firetruck in the parade. I really could use some big hunky men in uniforms.” She found someone better… (cue booming echo-y voice) *COMMUNITY MAN! A stranger walked over, said hello to us, and addressed Aidan by name. It just so happens...


The Boy Who Said Hi

Meet our third Super Hero: The Boy Who Said Hi. It really is that easy, you know. I was standing in line to meet Paralympic Gold Medalist Victoria Arlen. The Boy Who Said Hi asked his grandfather why they were meeting her. He replied by saying Victoria is a world class athlete who has worked really hard and competed in London this summer. His response was totally strengths based. If that sounds like no big deal...


Super Hero Week

I met four Super Heros this week. For Real. Two of my favorite realities collided – people with disabilities have special powers and I love the Paralympics. Meet Victoria, our first Super Hero. Victoria Arlen is an Olympic Champion, but being a medal winning swimmer is not her only superpower. Victoria was paralyzed at the age of 11 by transverse myelitis (inflammatory disease causing injury to spinal cord) and was in a vegetative state for several years....



To think I almost missed this: my son, out and about enjoying life. Here’s one thing I can be thankful for every single day without hesitation – Aidan’s power wheelchair. It’s given him independence. And to think I almost said no. No, I don’t believe he can drive that. No, it’s too complicated to be a part of our life. No, it’s just not appropriate. No, Aidan’s not smart enough. I’m so glad Aidan proved...