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By the Numbers

Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder in the U.S. after migraine, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease. It is more prevalent than autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease combined. It affects 65 million people worldwide. Despite how common it is, epilepsy is among the least understood of major chronic medical conditions, even though one in three adults knows someone with the disorder.” Taken from: Epilepsy Foundation Why it matters to me:...


Thankful Thursday – Horse Poop Edition

I have a friend who describes himself this way, ‘If I were standing in a pile of manure, I’d get excited and start looking for a horse.” That kind of enthusiasm can be so encouraging, contagious, and sometimes helpful. He also appreciates that he needs people in his life who will say, ‘DUDE, YOU’VE BEEN STANDING IN HORSE S@*T FOR A WEEK! Wipe the smile off your face, wash yourself off, and DON’T EVEN THINK...


Perfect Love

You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to meet our fourth Super Hero. Please join me today over at SheLoves Magazine as I share how perfect love casts out fear. If you’re new here read about our life without a diagnosis, and how it effects my marriage, and what I want others to know about my life, and enjoy this little bit of sass. I hope you’ll join us for our journey.


Thankful Thursday – Greed Edition

I have something to tell you, something I could have shared weeks ago. I got all giddy and wanted to share, then I held back because I didn’t want to jinx myself, then I had to work really hard to just be content. Aidan had a morning without seizures. None. Zero as opposed to the 5-10 I usually see before school. It gets better. The following night he ate dinner. ATE, as in, scooped the...


Children’s Hospital

Blurry but super sexy hospital gown being taped closed to hold “manhood” protector in place for x-rays. Garreth, Aidan, and I spent the day at Boston Children’s Hospital talking to two Orthopedic surgeons who work closely with Aidan’s regular orthopedic doctor. So do you want the good news or bad news first? How about The Not Completely Sucky, The Where the Hell Did That Come From, then The Good News and we’ll top it off...


Seven Snippets of a Baldwin

— 1 — Here’s the HuffPo article on Stephen Baldwin rushing to the aid of a woman who had a seizure. There are a few things worth pointing out. — 2 — First, as is specifically mentioned in this article about the same event, Baldwin was comfortable responding to this event because he’s been exposed to someone with seizures in his family. This is a great example of how familiarity can breed comfort and knowledge....


Sticks and Stones and Other Bogus

We all know how it goes and we all know it’s bogus…words can hurt us deeply. Being Aidan’s mom has introduced me to the power of words in a new way. I’ve had to learn medical jargon; I’ve become sensitive to the word “retard”; I’ve learned that labels are really doors to services. And yes, I’ve heard the trite, unhelpful remarks, ‘God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.” “Everything happens for a reason.”...


EEG Bracelets

So getting suited up for an EEG is a pain in the booty. The nurses have to measure and mark the many spots on your head that will get an electrode. Then they are put on with glue and an airgun (ok, it may not really be an airgun but it sounds that way). Depending on how squirmy wormy your kids is, it can take well over an hour. If it’s a walking EEG, you...


The Silent Beast

When Aidan was born I was told that kids with neurological issues are at higher risk for seizures. I was too busy working for every ounce of progress he made to give that a second thought. Then the Beast struck, silently at first…. Please join me today over at These Broken Vases to read more about Aidan’s seizures. If you’re new here read about our life without a diagnosis, and how it effects my marriage, and what...


A Preacher, Doctor, and Your MIL

You’re floating adrift on a life boat with a preacher, doctor, and your mother-in-law. Who gets thrown over board first? (Obviously, not your MIL.) A man breaks into a drug store at night, harming no one and taking only the medicine that will save his son’s life. He gets caught and you’re on the jury. Do you convict him? These questions can be fun to banter about because they’re so philosophical and hypothetical, or at...