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Motley Crew

We appeared to be a motley crew at first; two middle aged moms, a young girl, a teenage boy, and an older gentleman. And yet we’d all had our lives changed by some of the same people. Aidan and I were in the waiting room at the orthotist’s office anticipating new foot braces and a lift to eliminate his leg length discrepency. In walked a young girl with a tiny walker and pretty pink glasses....


I am Titanium, for real.

    Aidan is five weeks out from having his spinal fusion. Two titanium rods were placed from his T3 all the way to his pelvis. That’s a lot of metal. His scoliosis was significant. It effected his ability to sit up and to walk and would eventually have compensated his health because of the scrunching of his internal organs. His bottom rib was sitting ON his hip bone. You probably can’t even contort your...


Specialized Beds

One of the challenges of shopping for medical equipment is that you can’t just walk into a store, see all of your options and try them out. It frequently comes down to what your therapists and DME providers recommend. That speaks to the importance of having a knowledgable and trustworthy team, as I do. When they need a bed frame, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not about which bed is best, but...


Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful it’s just a sprain. Yes, Aidan fell out of his bed and, of course, it could have been so much worse. I’m also frustrated that after weeks of recovering from major orthopedic surgery Aidan is off of his feet again. We had just been adding all sorts of regular walking to his routine. But I’m thankful it will be for a short while. And I’m thankful that Aidan is motivated to walk....


Dear Insurance

So Aidan fell out of bed this weekend. We knew it would happen eventually because the rails on his bed are not appropriate for him. Actually, they’re a joke. I took Aidan to the Emergency Department mostly because I wanted documentation for the insurance company. He had a bloody mouth. He was miserable and in continual pain for the day. This morning when he woke up, Aidan made it pretty clear that his foot was...


Little Professor at it Again

(Aidan had another teaching gig recently with physical therapy students. This is a repost from his gig last year. To read more about Decision Wheelchair check out my turn in a chair, thoughts about the manual chair, and power chair and why even have a wheelchair?) “Gather round and listen up kids.” A few weeks ago Aidan had another teaching gig with a class of physical therapy students. They were learning how to administer a...


Parent’s Perspective

Abby is a pediatric OT and her blog has oodles of information from therapeutic toys to ipad app suggestions. She also hosts a column on parent’s perspectives. I feel pretty strongly that parents benefit from hearing each other’s stories. So, I’m over there today sharing mine. Please check it out and share Abby’s blog especially with the special educators in your life.



To think I almost missed this: my son, out and about enjoying life. Here’s one thing I can be thankful for every single day without hesitation – Aidan’s power wheelchair. It’s given him independence. And to think I almost said no. No, I don’t believe he can drive that. No, it’s too complicated to be a part of our life. No, it’s just not appropriate. No, Aidan’s not smart enough. I’m so glad Aidan proved...


In His Shoes

So I took Aidan’s power chair out for a test drive by myself. He was at school with a different chair and I wanted to see what life would be like from his perspective. I went to two big box stores, made purchases at both, and spoke to people at both. I recognize that this is a very limited social experiment but here’s what I learned. Let’s start with this – I’m waaaay too UNskilled...


Thankful Thursday

The big question when Aidan does any kind of therapy is, “Will it help him in real life”?  Certainly some therapy is simple repetition to teach his brain what to do and build his strength.  However, we always have an end goal in mind.  This week at physical therapy he reached two big goals in walking – independence and functionality. After several weeks of not having therapy, Aidan usually looses some stamina and needs some...