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Tagged: people first language


Letter To The Others

You’ve seen me at the playground with my son and passed us in the mall.  He is the one in the wheelchair, the one who drools, and vocalizes with insistence instead of words. I owe you an apology, not for who my son is, but for what I’ve done to you. I tend to be pretty zealous about the words you choose, and in doing so probably shut you down. You see, I really don’t...


What’s Up with Courtesy Medals?

I’ve been glued to the Paralympics this week and love how this event puts people with disabilities center stage based on their own achievements. There’s just one thing that bugs me; why are guide runners getting medals? After watching Wheelchair Rugby, we’ve all learned never to pet someone who uses a wheelchair, right? Sometimes people with disabilities are accompanied by a caretaker, interpreter, or guide. The rule is, if you want to speak to the...


More Food for Thought

Ok- I’m sure to offend someone with this post so let me just start by saying this is just my opinion and it’s sort of messy and grey, as I believe are most things in life. I’ve been reading about and thinking about the idea of our “broken” children. My knee jerk reaction is that Aidan is most certainly not broken, he’s just different. I still feel that way, somewhat. It’s a loaded word, one...


Food for Thought

I’ve been reading some really interesting things about people first language and brokenness and have had some very insightful conversations. I’ve been waiting to get it all clear in my head to present it concisely in one tidy post. The problem is, my head isn’t clear and the topic is complex. So, I’ll throw it out in tidbits. A friend said that sometimes people outside the disability community just aren’t sure what to say about...


The R Word

Words matter.  You know that, so use them wisely. In honor of Aidan’s upcoming Special Olympics, please take a moment to watch the clip below.  For people who somehow confuse this as a freedom of speech issue, here’s the best thing Tim Shriver says, “You’re allowed to be humiliating, degrading, and hurtful.  I’m allowed to petition you to at least recognize what you say and be aware of the option you have to stop.” The...