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Wishing Him Gone: My Messy Beautiful

Here’s my messy truth: soon after my son Aidan was born thirteen years ago I wished he would die. Aidan was born with complex medical needs and spent the first three months of his life in the neonatal ICU. When he came home on oxygen and with a g-tube, without a diagnosis, prognosis or any medical staff to reassure us, I just wanted him to die quickly. It’s such a horrid, shameful thought that I carried...


And Then I Talked About Pissing Contests in Church

I went to speak to our Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group at my church a few weeks ago. Here were these sleep deprived, spit up on moms with newborns and energetic tikes wanting to know how to be part of my world. I got to share how sometimes my journey looks just like theirs (we all celebrate our children and get tired and work hard to see them progress) and sometimes it’s very different (Disability...


From the Rooftop

This is a post about Liam, Aidan’s neuro-typical (NT) brother, my first born, the child that made me a mom. Here’s what it’s supposed to say: I’ve always been very conscious that Liam’s life is different; disability effects the entire family. I’ve done my best to give him a full and wonderful life. I signed him up for soccer and baseball and tried to cultivate peer friendships. I make sure we have time together when he...



Disability effects the entire family. No one goes to Holland alone. Anytime I speak publicly about our journey, I’m asked about Liam and how he handles having a brother with a disability. Yes his life is different, but it’s the only life he knows. Liam has one brother. He does not have any experience with the “typical” sibling relationship. I like to think that Liam will be a kinder, more open minded, thoughtful adult because...


No Big Deal

I’m sitting in a hospital waiting room…again. It’s no big deal, really. Just a super fast CT scan of Aidan’s hips to make sure we have all the information we need for his hip surgery in March. The doctor was so kind to attempt the CT scan without anesthesia since it’s only a thirty second scan. Aidan couldn’t do it. He relaxed under the warm blankets and smiled at the radiologist, but he wouldn’t let...


Thankful Thursday – Siblings

Today, like so many days, I’m thankful for the wonderful relationship that Liam and Aidan have. Liam loves to make Aidan laugh and he’s very helpful with his brother. Aidan thinks Liam hangs the moon. Our sibling relationships are our longest lasting relationships and I’m thankful Liam and Aidan’s relationship is so strong. Liam is guest posting today about Aidan over at Adventures in MattyLand…check it out. And watch this video for another inspirational sibling...


Parent’s Perspective

Abby is a pediatric OT and her blog has oodles of information from therapeutic toys to ipad app suggestions. She also hosts a column on parent’s perspectives. I feel pretty strongly that parents benefit from hearing each other’s stories. So, I’m over there today sharing mine. Please check it out and share Abby’s blog especially with the special educators in your life.


Putting on Your Oxygen Mask

    November is over and we’ve already forgotten how stuffed we were with turkey and chocolate. It’s excellent to have a time of year to collectively focus on gratitude, and certainly that’s a quality we try to cultivate at all times. Often it’s the “counting blessings” frame of mind that gets us through difficult times. Many of us are able to find the good amidst even the most painful challenges.   What if our...


Super Mom

As I listened to the stories of Victoria Arlen’s recovery and achievements at her celebration parade, I turned to my friend and said, “Who do you think drove her to swim practices an hour away?” Though Victoria was critically ill for several years, she will manage to graduate with her senior class this year. Who helped her get back on track academically? Who coordinated with the school and took Victoria to countless medical appointments? Who...


A Hearty Eshet chayil

Rachel Held Evans says:  Eshet chayil—woman of valor— has long been a blessing of praise in the Jewish community. Husbands often sing the line from Proverbs 31 to their wives at Sabbath meals. Women cheer one another on through accomplishments in homemaking, career, education, parenting, and justice by shouting a hearty “eshet chayil!” after each milestone.  Great women of the faith, like Sarah and Ruth and Deborah, are identified as women of valor.  Please join...