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Unicorns Are Real

If you follow me on FaceBook, which you totally should, you would know that I saw TWO unicorns today. If you define unicorns as beautiful, miraculous creatures that are magical, which Websters most certainly does not, but I do, so there. But let’s back up to my first unicorn sighting several months ago. You will NEVER guess where the unicorn was frolicking. Seriously. I’ll give you a hint…it’s the LAST place you’d think of. Exactly....


Day Without My Voice

Drawing inspiration from both Aidan, my non-verbal 12 year old, and Mary, another mom of a daughter who is non-verbal, I decided to spend one day without my voice. I learned so much a few years ago when I spent the afternoon in Aidan’s power chair. Unlike Mary, I didn’t have much of a plan nor was I really familiar with a particular speech app on Aidan’s ipad. The one we originally purchased for him...


Food For Thought

October 14, 2013 Edition I realize I’m very late to the Medical Marijuana party but I finally watched the CNN documentary “Weed.” It’s very informative and easy to see that parents of kids with Epilepsy, and other diseases, want help. ******** Here is an ABC News article about a man with a rare tumor that caused seizures. His seizures have been treated with a new minimally invasive laser surgery. It’s another good read about the suffering...


It’s Just About Getting the Words

“It’s just about getting the words,” my chorus director said. She had 200 deer in the headlights faces looking at her as we were attempting to learn a new piece of music. We were singing in an unfamiliar African language. For the most part we had the tempo and tune. That was actually enough to covey that it was a joyful song. But about what exactly? I think about all of the ways Aidan communicates...


Be The Change

So Gandi tells us to “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Ok, I can get on board with that, but what if you’re busy or exhausted or discouraged? What if you’re already making change because in the regular course of raising a child with a disability you’ve made noise in the education system, you’ve argued considerably with insurance, and you’ve taken the time to educate medical professionals? What if, among other...


Seven Snippets about My Week

— 1 — So if you’ve been paying attention to the news, or the blogosphere, or read my post here, you’ll know there’s a big shown down with Apple and a speech app and an AAC device. Maya’s mom Dana has been keeping track of where this story is being told. Go to her blog to find out where the wildfire is spreading, to understand more about AAC, and to sign the change.org petition. —...


“I Love You Daddy”

Words every parent longs to hear, and most parents will as soon as their kids learn to talk. Maya’s dad heard those very words recently. What makes that so remarkable is that Maya is non-verbal; like my son Aidan, she doesn’t speak. Maya uses a speech app on her iPad called Speak for Yourself (SFY). Soon, though, she may lose her voice altogether. When the iPad came out, we all saw the youtube videos of...


Highs and Lows

Let’s start with the low.  Aidan has a pattern of learning.  With lots of repetition he’ll pick up a new skill- eating, walking, turning pages of a book, making choices etc.  Then, for no apparent reason he drops it like a hot potato.  “I’m all done with that for the time being.”  Then when a random amount of time has passed, again for no apparent reason, he picks up the skill again. That’s where we...



Did I just say your favorite word? Have you finished Christmas shopping yet? Here’s my gift to you: A free gift idea list Some free (depending on the day) ipad apps (Sshh…please don’t tell Aidan but he’s totally getting new apps for Christmas.) And for one lucky winner a free gift card!! You’re welcome.


Apps for Autism

Please take a few minutes to watch the segment that 60 Minutes aired this week on Apps for Autism. Here’s the best nugget you can walk away with: Just because someone can’t speak doesn’t mean they have nothing to say. There should be a collective duh on that one but is that how we act? Do we find ourselves using baby talk with people of all ages who are non-verbal? Do we assume they only...