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Beating the inclusion drum

Because as I’ve said, inclusion rocks! And it doesn’t just benefit my kid; it benefits yours as well. Email subscribers click here to view this TED talk by Dan Habib.


I hate/heart meetings

Aidan had his transition IEP meeting last week which means his present team got to talk to the team that will be working with him in his new school this fall. IEP meetings generally make me feel like this: No matter how many good meetings I have, which I’ve had many in the past few years, they always feel like a surprise. It’s a bit ridiculous, but I feel like the culture of special education...


On Mobility: First Wheels and Jetpacks

A warm welcome to Mary Evelyn’s readers. Thank-you for joining our journey. I would be honored if you read the About Us page to find some of my favorite writings. And to my readers – I’m excited to introduce you to Mary Evelyn of What Do You Do, Dear? I first became intrigued with her blog because her son Simeon also uses a wheelchair but he’s so young! It still blows me away how kids surprise...


Unicorns Are Real

If you follow me on FaceBook, which you totally should, you would know that I saw TWO unicorns today. If you define unicorns as beautiful, miraculous creatures that are magical, which Websters most certainly does not, but I do, so there. But let’s back up to my first unicorn sighting several months ago. You will NEVER guess where the unicorn was frolicking. Seriously. I’ll give you a hint…it’s the LAST place you’d think of. Exactly....


It’s Not All Rainbows and Unicorns

Grab a cup of coffee. We’re digging in deep today. Before we start, please read this post from a mom who has a disability herself and has a child with a disability. Her writing sparked a few robust FaceBook conversations (you should totally friend me so you can be part of those), which is what passionate voices and bold writing should do because respectful conversations are a win-win. Meriah states that “Disability does not suck....



I won’t tell you to tell your kid to stop staring at my kid. Maybe I should, but I won’t. Aidan is very obviously different than his peers, and kids by nature are curious. We in Disability World can sometimes be quick to think that staring implies negative thoughts which may sound like, “Mommy, what’s wrong with that boy?” Ok, so that’s awkward, but the truth is, something is wrong with Aidan. His brain doesn’t...


Day Without My Voice

Drawing inspiration from both Aidan, my non-verbal 12 year old, and Mary, another mom of a daughter who is non-verbal, I decided to spend one day without my voice. I learned so much a few years ago when I spent the afternoon in Aidan’s power chair. Unlike Mary, I didn’t have much of a plan nor was I really familiar with a particular speech app on Aidan’s ipad. The one we originally purchased for him...


Community Support

Warning – I’m writing angry and off the cuff which probably breaks a lot of rules and is not very wise. A few weeks ago my sister sent me this Tampa Bay Times article about warehousing children with disabilities, or cutting  support so drastically that medically complex kids end up living with the elderly in nursing homes. It’s an absolutely terrifying article and made me more than a little nauseous and I really encourage you...


Thankful Thursday – Siblings

Today, like so many days, I’m thankful for the wonderful relationship that Liam and Aidan have. Liam loves to make Aidan laugh and he’s very helpful with his brother. Aidan thinks Liam hangs the moon. Our sibling relationships are our longest lasting relationships and I’m thankful Liam and Aidan’s relationship is so strong. Liam is guest posting today about Aidan over at Adventures in MattyLand…check it out. And watch this video for another inspirational sibling...


He’s Famous!!!

This is Liam checking himself out on the cover of Pediatric Nursing Journal. Let me repeat that, HE’S ON THE COVER!!! Oh wait, not only that, HE WROTE THE EDITORIAL in this edition. My baby is a published author!!! I’m not even jealous because I’m so stinkin’ proud of him. Liam had the opportunity to write about his experience as Aidan’s brother. It took about six months… really. The truth is, he doesn’t know what...