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Specialized Beds

One of the challenges of shopping for medical equipment is that you can’t just walk into a store, see all of your options and try them out. It frequently comes down to what your therapists and DME providers recommend. That speaks to the importance of having a knowledgable and trustworthy team, as I do. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not about which bed is best, but rather which bed is most appropriate....


Hospitals and Demolitions

Garreth came down to the hospital yesterday to spend the weekend. Aidan, who has been in a drug induced haze since tuesday and has mostly grimaced at me in pain, mustered the strength for a beautiful smile for Daddy. Whatever. Almost as soon as Garreth arrived, my body shed it’s last bit of energy. My cousin arrived around the same time and offered to stay and feed Aidan while we went out to eat. Aidan...


Humbled, Grateful, Amazed

My response to an Invitation to Community… It’s humbling to ask for help, but another thing altogether to receive it without even asking. Believe it or not, it’s a bit awkward….and wonderful, and beautiful, and overwhelming. “What about the starving children in Africa? How about the other Medical Moms facing similar journeys? Wouldn’t you rather just bake me a casserole?” In the midst of Aidan’s medical trials, I’ve worked hard to practice the posture of...


An Invitation to Community

This post is continued from yesterday and is an invitation from Sue and Talley:       I’d like you to meet the Bowie family—Heather, aka Supermom and serious blogger with a slight addiction to frappacinos; Garreth, Dad, gifted Irish cabinet maker who now shares more of his giftedness as an LNA; Liam, resident funny adolescent with an insatiable reading appetite; and Aidan, giggling social boy who rocks the drums and his power wheelchair through...


Potty Talk

My friend Sue asked me asked me a few months ago if Aidan could use the one very small bathroom in our house. I replied, “Of course he can.” Turns out, she was asking the wrong question. Although I’ve actually appreciated blog posts about toileting issues for kids with disabilities, I’ve made a decision not to write about them.  I will, however, attempt to give you some basic information and you’ll have to fill in...