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What do you say when someone builds you a house? It’s seems preposterously small to just say thank-you. I suppose I could write it in the sky in billows of airplane smoke to show the magnitude of our gratitude; or I could cry big sloppy tears to express the depth of this ¬†feeling; I could tattoo my arm to show you this isn’t a passing thought. Would you hear me better if I wrote an...


Wheelchair Update

Shasta of Outrageous Fortune recently wrote this regarding a search for an appropriate wheelchair for her son Malachai: I worry that if I get him a power wheelchair that I’m “caving” or “giving up” on him ever walking, because why would he want to try crawling if he already had something that propelled him around? (Indeed, he already does that with me.) But I worry that if I force him to be in a manual...


Bleeding Words

I wrote words on my walls because words matter, because the walls were coming down, because the words were more than words; they were my bleeding soul. I wrote words on my walls because I knew I would smash them down and somewhere in there I wanted those words to come alive, to be real; I wanted to destroy their truth and not just their letters. I wrote words on my walls because my soul...