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Specialized Beds

One of the challenges of shopping for medical equipment is that you can’t just walk into a store, see all of your options and try them out. It frequently comes down to what your therapists and DME providers recommend. That speaks to the importance of having a knowledgable and trustworthy team, as I do. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not about which bed is best, but rather which bed is most appropriate....


Drum Roll Please

Last week I told you I would have some good news to share and today is the day. Remember the saga of Aidan’s bed and how insurance decided it wasn’t medically necessary and that they would much rather pay for trips to the Emergency Department when he falls out of bed? Remember how I wrote letters to the Governor and Senators’ offices and used words and phrases such as “reprehensible fiscal decision” and “unconscionable?” Check...


Dear Insurance

So Aidan fell out of bed this weekend. We knew it would happen eventually because the rails on his bed are not appropriate for him. Actually, they’re a joke. I took Aidan to the Emergency Department mostly because I wanted documentation for the insurance company. He had a bloody mouth. He was miserable and in continual pain for the day. This morning when he woke up, Aidan made it pretty clear that his foot was...