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An Invitation to Community

It was Shasta’s story here that gave me the idea to share stories about community. I love her blog and her novella, and I’ve ordered her new children’s book. No one really likes to ask for help. I know I didn’t when we raised money for a van. The thing is, when we don’t ask for help, we deprive others of sharing in our lives. So here is a great opportunity to be the community...


Thankful Thursday

It’s the end of September and guess what’s old news….we have an accessible van for Aidan!!! We raised $40K in 7 months. Here’s what you may not have noticed – September was our goal month to get the van and we got it in February. I’m still amazed that it was possible and still very much humbled and grateful that our community came together to make this happen. Our van really has been a life...


Miles for Miles in the Rain

I’m so stinkin’ proud! Garreth did a great job in his first 5K and he was so excited to cross the finish line with Miles. Mile’s little brother didn’t mind the rain one bit. And the winner is……


Miles for Miles

This is why Garreth is running, because every child deserves safe transportation. Aidan has it and Miles needs it. Aidan and Miles shouldn’t have to have their heads bonked every time they get into the van. It’s not too late to make a donation here and write Team Aidan in the subject line. We’re excited to help get Miles rolling!


Walking Towards the Big Run

Just six more days until Garreth runs his first 5k. I’m so proud of him. He just bought some new clothes to fit his new body. I’m full on ready to cheer for him. According to Team Powerthirst wife Christie, “Supporting a marathoner is just as exhausting as being a marathoner. I clapped for 4 hours straight, people. And I didn’t even train!” I’m ready to make the sacrifice to pay it forward for a...


Miles for Miles

Having been inspired by Team Powerthirst and making his health a priority, Garreth has decided to run his first 5k for Miles. On June 25th he’s running in the Bobcat Bolt in Durham. Garreth has really taken to running and is hoping to do a half marathon with my sister this fall. I’m insanely proud of him and very moved that he’s chosen to pay it forward in this way. So here are some options...


More on Miles

Here’s one thing that really struck me from Miles’ mom. She found out she was pregnant while she was at the hospital with Miles. She had to go to the teen center to tell her husband, because that’s where the video games are and it’s a good place to take a break in the evening. An event that would most likely take place at home or perhaps out at a celebratory dinner, takes place at...


Ride for Miles

A brilliant and beautiful advocate for people with disabilities once said, upon having a specific need met, “Let’s not get complacent. There are plenty of other people out there with this same need, a need that can’t be met through social agencies nor government, but by people getting involved in each others lives.” Or something like that. I said it here, and I get to misquote myself. So now it’s time to rally again and...



What a great celebration and orientation we had on saturday with our new van. Thank-you to everyone who made this a reality for us. Check out the article in the Portsmouth Herald.


Christmas Jar Filled With Love

So Santa’s elves came early this year. This was secretly delivered to my door last night and I have no idea who it’s from. The amount of coins there means these kids have been collecting for awhile and have gotten other people involved as well. Kindness of strangers strikes again. In case you haven’t yet gotten into the Christmas spirit, it’s not the coins that are the love – it’s the effort and sacrifice and...