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The Issue That Wasn’t

Liam has found his mojo, his thing, his niche.  After years of being a homebody and a bookworm, Liam joined the Cross Country team at his school and has really excelled at running. Though the season has ended, he has his sights set on breaking the school record next year. I’m so stinking proud of him. After the first meet I asked Liam if he wanted to host a team dinner at our house. It’s...



We went on vacation last week and it was wonderful. If you’re looking to go on vacation soon but haven’t yet decided where you want to go, why not have a look at some apartments in tuscany that could help you make your mind up? Our vacation was so fantastic. There were so many places for Aidan to drive around. He was pretty convinced that everyone else was taking vacation at the same time just...


Take A Load Off

No, really, Aidan, take a load off… Aidan spent FIVE HOURS in the pool yesterday, mostly snoring, not snorkeling, but snoring. We took good care of him… Which was clearly a sacrifice….. After all of that hard work, there’s not much energy for anything else….


From the Rooftop

This is a post about Liam, Aidan’s neuro-typical (NT) brother, my first born, the child that made me a mom. Here’s what it’s supposed to say: I’ve always been very conscious that Liam’s life is different; disability effects the entire family. I’ve done my best to give him a full and wonderful life. I signed him up for soccer and baseball and tried to cultivate peer friendships. I make sure we have time together when he...



Disability effects the entire family. No one goes to Holland alone. Anytime I speak publicly about our journey, I’m asked about Liam and how he handles having a brother with a disability. Yes his life is different, but it’s the only life he knows. Liam has one brother. He does not have any experience with the “typical” sibling relationship. I like to think that Liam will be a kinder, more open minded, thoughtful adult because...