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Last summer three of the four grandchildren were having breakfast at Pop’s house when Owen spoke up and asked where Aidan was. We said he was sleeping. The kids disappeared and we heard lots of counting, ignoring it as it was before coffee. Then in come the three grandchildren carrying Aidan, one at his head and one on each leg. After my initial, thankfully silent nervous reaction, I just stayed very close as they carried...


NICU Top Ten

Some friends spent a lengthy time in the neonatal intensive care unit and came up with this very accurate top ten list. It proves that humor is necessary in dark times. TOP TEN SIGNS YOU’VE BEEN IN THE HOSPITAL TOO LONG: 10. You know which fish in the 1,000gallon fish tank in the lobby is friendliest. 9. Your husband is amused by the squeaking sound his sneakers make on the cafeteria floor. 8. You contemplate...