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Don’t Try This at Home

This is Aidan traveling at Mach speed in his wheelchair. It’s much like an amusement park ride that leaves your face smashed and your stomach on the ground. I hate it. Aidan, as you can tell, loves it. Just don’t think too hard about the videos we’re not showing you. Aidan very carefully maneuvered around cars in the driveway. We were even able to go on a family walking path in the woods. Aidan made...


Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend we attended a family weekend at a camp for kids with special powers. It was amazing, wonderful, and a great escape from reality for just a little while. It’s always great to be with other parents who “get it.” There’s an instant camaraderie and so much comfort in knowing we’re not alone. We had a chance to do fun camp things: and ridiculous camp things: (That’s an Oreo stuck on his forehead...


Yale in Review – Part 2

My last point for the Yale nurses came directly from Team Aidan’s own Dr. John Morrison’s promo video: Be the navigator. As I was preparing this presentation, I realized we have lots of navigators on S.S.Aidan and we need them all. That’s why we also need one captain (or two people acting as a unified force). We have to take in wisdom not only from the medical world, but the school and community world as...


Independence Day

Aidan’s getting some wheels this year. (Wait, haven’t we already done that?) Aidan is a walking boy and that is a huge victory. The thing is, he walks short distances and requires some assistance. Right now we use a gait belt and hold one of his hands to help him get around. He can turn his body to tell you where to go (Remind me later to tell you about the stairs fiasco). So far...


Counting Seizures Again

How many seizures is enough and how many is too many?  The right answer is one.  One is enough and one is too many.  I don’t have the luxury of that answer anymore.  We’re on week eight of Aidan’s new diet to control his seizures.  Garreth and I agreed not to work the numbers until September and then we would evaluate.  I’m not sure what the magic number is that we’re supposed to accept. One...


Seizure Moms

I guess I’m a seizure mom now but I sure don’t feel like I belong, not that you ladies don’t throw a great party.  It’s just that I’m passing through as a visitor.  It’s been nice to meet you but I’ll be moving on soon.  Epilepsy isn’t really Aidan’s diagnosis anyway.  It’s just a temporary piece of the puzzle.  It’ll pass. Seems to me I’ve thought those words before.  Nice to meet you NICU moms....



So when it comes to whipping cream, maple syrup, and chocolate chip cookies, my parents raised me right. It’s the real thing or nothing at all. They hoodwinked us with lobster, convincing us that the legs were the best part. Real whipping cream is a staple in Aidan’s diet right now, and is in fact, medicinal. That means we have a big batch of it in our fridge at all times. Sometimes it calls out...


Counting with The Count

Was it really so wrong of me to count Aidan’s seizures like The Count? One seizure, ah ah ah, two seizures, ah ah ah….Come on Aidan, make it to 12 so we can sing the 12 song!