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A Love Song for Insurance

Dear Insurance, Gosh, we’ve had a really complex relationship over the past few years. It’s hard for me to remember each morning if I love you or hate you. After all, you’ve been very patient with me being so finicky and wanting second opinions. Sometimes a girl just can’t make up her mind, right? But you’ve have moments of stunning stupidity as well. Remember when you said not everyone needs to sleep in a modified...



I love Beth Woosley’s BOTH/AND posts, which she mostly does on FaceBook and she invites everyone to chime in so you should totally join her there. They show that life is so very much more than one thing; it’s messy and wonderful and hard and fabulous sometimes all in the same breath. We’re living this truth right now. Aidan is still recovering from surgery, and while he’s thankfully not in pain, he’s still very much...


Six Word Memoir

— 1 — You’ve heard of the six word memoir, right? Apparently Hemingway was challenged to write a short story in six words. This is what he came up with: For Sale: baby shoes, never worn. It’s so intriguing because you know there’s always a story behind the story, but you can say a lot in six words. Of course there are books now and a blog that’s rather addictive. I came up with a few of...


Something for Hump Day

Breaking up is actually quite wonderful in the medical world. We’ve broken up with several docs that we just had quicky services with and who had nothing new to offer since we’d been around the block so many times. And it really is them, not me, because honestly, I’m just not into someone who’s not a giver. This week we broke up with some braces, and no you silly medical virgin, not the kind you...


EEG Bracelets

So getting suited up for an EEG is a pain in the booty. The nurses have to measure and mark the many spots on your head that will get an electrode. Then they are put on with glue and an airgun (ok, it may not really be an airgun but it sounds that way). Depending on how squirmy wormy your kids is, it can take well over an hour. If it’s a walking EEG, you...


Seven Snippets of an Order Muppet

— 1 — Dahlia Lithwick is a super smart, funny, and fabulous woman (I knew her from her camp counselor days) who writes for Slate magazine…and she’s Canadian to boot.  As a lawyer she mostly writes about, um, well, legal stuff. To feel smart talking about the Supreme  Court at your next cocktail party, you should read anything she writes. But today, you really need to read this piece of Dahlia’s to get my week....


Disability World

You know you live in Disability World when you’re convinced that a visit to the neurologist causes seizures. brought to you by: if you don’t laugh you’d cry


Snippets of Reading

— 1 — So sometimes being a blogger really means you’re just an obsessive  blog reader. That’s what I’ve been doing this week. Partially because I was unmotivated during this rainy week and partially because the blogosphere was alive with passionate posts about parenting. — 2 — This piece sums up how I feel about parenting in light of all the hullabaloo out there in the past weeks – do what is right for your...


New Heights

I’m sure at some point I told you the incredible story of Aidan going up a 35 foot tower. We were harnessed together and raised slowly by a team pulling us. It was amazing at the top. Aidan was very vocal and loved looking around. It was a triumphant “Can Do” moment. The instructor at the top of the tower asked if he was doing the zip line. I know this to be 100% safe...


My Face of Epilepsy

Epilepsy has made me ANGRY enough to want to scream and pull my hair out…. After all that Aidan has already been through, he has ONE MORE THING to battle? Really??  It all made me sorta CRAZY…….. No, really crazy, as in tall lady buying 4 inch black heeled boots she can’t walk in kinda crazy… And this is after a relatively short journey into Epilepsy world. It took us two years to get that...