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Community Support

Warning – I’m writing angry and off the cuff which probably breaks a lot of rules and is not very wise. A few weeks ago my sister sent me this Tampa Bay Times article about warehousing children with disabilities, or cutting support so drastically that medically complex kids end up living with the elderly in nursing homes. It’s an absolutely terrifying article and made me more than a little nauseous and I really encourage you...


Buh-Bye PT Services*

If you give a therapist a pittance, they will take their services elsewhere. If they take their services elsewhere, a chid will be left behind. If a child is left behind, they may not do their best. If they don’t do their best, they will need a therapist. If they need a therapist later, you will pay more than a pittance. ************************************************************************* Here’s how the budget madness works: the State decides to cut therapists’ pay...


Snipping the Budget

— 1 — This week I received a letter from our Department of Health and Human Services. The way we receive respite hours is being completely changed. For those of you who have heard the phrase “balancing the budget on the backs of the elderly and disabled” I thought I’d give you a real life look into how that plays out. — 2 — First, what is respite, you ask? It’s a break. Of course,...