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In the Beginning – Part Four

Update Week 4 from Becca Aidan was supposed to have surgery today to insert a G-tube and tie up a bit of the top of his stomach to decrease the reflux. This didn’t happen. Last night the docs took out the NG tube and hooked him up to an IV in preparation for the surgery. His O2 saturation levels dropped 30 times (this means his breathing wasn’t stable enough but we had become so used...


In the Beginning – Part Three

Update Week 3 from my sister Becca We finally have some good news! Aidan may have a transiently elevated level of an enzyme (tyrosenemia) which is treatable with Vitamin C and could be reversible. He was started on Vitamin C on Monday and they are going to take a level on Friday.(This did end up bringing his levels to normal but had nothing to do with the big picture). They don’t know if it is...


In the Beginning – Prologue

I’ve been inspired by a friend’s blog to look back….waaaay back. I want to tell the story of Aidan’s first few months of life with the wisdom of hindsight.* I’ll share some excerpts of emails between family and friends and try to recall some of the back story details. Please excuse this disruption in Thankful Thursday posts but friend us on Facebook (Aidan TeamAidan Bowie) and I’ll still have Thankful Thursdays there. You’ll read about...