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This Side of the Grass

There have been several articles written on what we, the parents of kids with special needs, wish you, the others, knew about our lives. These two articles cover a lot of ground that I firmly agree with. I want to add my own two cents, and I’m only speaking for myself. Please don’t say, “I don’t know how you do it” or “I just couldn’t do what you do.” Here’s the truth, you would rise...


Why Wear Blue?

I’ll admit, I sorta made up Blue Day last year because it felt like everyone else had their color and their awareness month and even their own cool logos.  I felt left out and in my very own pity party decided to start a fake day to recognize undiagnosed children. But here’s the truth… when Aidan was 6 years old he lost services, not in school but with the state. And by lost, yes, I...