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  1. goodscratch says:

    Love! I so agree. I was that curious child. Whenever I would ask my parents, I was shushed and told I was being rude. Not my intent. I’ve always been interested in how our bodies & minds work and wanted to know about the differences, too.

  2. Mallory says:

    Kids are the ones we should allow to stare and ask questions, otherwise as adults, they will be the ones who are rude, uneducated and fearful of what they don’t understand. I could write a whole book of experiences with people staring at me, but sometimes you just gotta let it roll.

    • Yes – this is true. It would be great for adults to learn from kids in this case. That being said, I totally have to stop myself from staring sometimes. I’m guilty of checking out people’s equipment – the DME kind people – and trying to diagnose them on the side. Even I wonder how to just say hello. How weird is that?

  3. I love that! What a sweet moment!

  4. Shivaun says:

    He is “always so happy” because he has you for his Mother.
    Well written, Heather.
    Could you please call me on Sunday if you have time?
    Love, Shivaun

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