Snipping the Budget

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  1. Anna says:

    You are brilliant!! This is a very good description of the situation and I am going to share it, if you don’t mind? The whole thing, again, is ridiculous!!

  2. Infuriating. When our now 26 year old son with autism was 5 I had major surgery. That meant no chasing, diapering, etc. I was very fortunate in that a woman from church picked up my kids, his sister is 2 yrs. older with ADHD, and took them for hours the afternoons hubs worked his wierd schedule. They loved the pool and she had no problems with them. More blessing was the trained respite aide for the first half of the day. Those services disappeared as he aged. Now he’s at a point, with many others, in this state that are unemployed adults, regressing at home with working parents (or in our case 2 disabled parents). A pilot program for giving them life skills and community mentors, limited hours each week and we jumped on it. After a year it just became a DSS waiver program with pretty generous benefits. I’m stumped, but jubilant as his behavior is deteriorating, wondering how long before that’s cut. CT, like all states, is hacking budgets.
    My reply to your #3 above is: “And who’s paying for the care of the senior citizens’ different level of needs?” Me? Yes and you’re welcome.

  3. A big fat sigh to all of that. But this line did make me giggle: “Um, yeah, kinda, and thanks for that.” 😉

    We start the process this week of seeing if we can get respite care. Wish us luck!

  4. Sigh. Although we’ve never used respite care, we have seen a parallel situation with early intervention this year. More paperwork, more bureaucracy, and fewer services. It’s maddening.

  1. June 22, 2012

    […] Speaking of fighting battles, I got a collections notice this week, one of those “hey, you haven’t paid this bill in so dang long that we’re not being nice about it anymore.” It was one of Aidan’s medical bills. I’m not negligent and I called every time I received that bill in error. After about 27 bazillions phone calls, all to respectful people who were just doing their jobs, I think it’s straightened out. Big shout out to MaineCare for taking the time to educated me about “balance billing” and helping me through the process. I love it when a state agency does something right, because, you know, they get it wrong plenty. […]

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