Snippets of Undiagnosis

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  1. By the way Heather, I loved your totally made up day. 🙂 The Undiagnosed Children’s Day is importnat for a lot of people. Your kindness and caring continually impress me.

  2. Clara says:

    Heather, thank you very much for getting to know my son Zachary. Aidan is a gorgeous boy and I absolutely love his eyes. Also, thank you very much for linking my blog one bite at a time. It is absolutely wonderful to have an undiagnosed day to raise awareness, what a great idea!
    I will be dropping by your blog to check on your handsome boy.

  3. Thank-you Clara and Tara. I’m adding blogs I find about undiagnosed children so I know who to talk to again for this day next year. Here’s another good one.

  4. I think Undiagnosed Children’s Day should be a real day, embraced by all. Why don’t you organize it for next year? I bet lots of bloggers would promote/support it if given enough of a heads up!

    Thanks for participating in Seven Snippets!

  5. Hello, I just wanted to let you know that the SWAN UK community of bloggers is growing rapidly – you can access most of them from here
    The UK undiagnosed community loves the idea of an undiagnosed day and are looking to get going on awareness raising activities next year so it would be great to talk to you about how we can all work together to support it, if you get a chance drop me a line at Thanks, Lauren

  6. Joy says:

    Hi Heather,
    Will you do the blog link up this year for Undiagnosed Children Awareness Day, as you planned? I was just wondering because I wrote my blog post for it today! 😉

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