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  1. trevorsmommy says:

    I read the whole “good laugh to start your weekend” line and still chose to take a sip of coffee before reading further. That was a mistake! 😛


  2. I’ve read some of the posts you linked, but I’m about to dive into the others! Thanks for the links!

  3. Really, Danielle, you should know better. I write to make you laugh or cry mostly because it’s so easy!

  4. Great post! I’ve been too involved in my readership this week, rather than blogging. I’m just so fascinated by the various lives we lead and learning from others. Here I am reading yours! Thanks for the links, too! Now I have more MUST READS! I’ll definitely be back! I found you via Seven Snippets!

  5. Great post about breastfeeding a NICU baby – I was there, and it hurt. I was only pseudo-committed before Sarah Kate was born, but when breastfeeding became the ONLY thing I felt that I could do for my scrawny munchkin, I dove in with both feet. I pumped for the two months she was in the NICU and then for three months more after that, until one day I disintegrated into a pile of blubbering mush and Mr. Andi vowed to return the rented pump to the hospital the next day. I have never regretted what I did for her, but I’ve also never regretted quitting, either. It was the most I could give.

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