Seven Snippets of Epilepsy

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  1. I had no idea that some people still believed epilepsy was contagious and/or a mental illness! Very surprising in this day and age. Of course, there are also still some people who think Down syndrome is the result of inbreeding, so…

    Thanks for participating in Seven Snippets Friday!

  2. You are doing such a service to people with seizures by having these posts. Heather, thank you very much!

    Can I add one….just one thing that should NOT have to be added but needs to be said. Epilepsy is not in anyway a demonic event. I was offered, more than once, to go to different church events so parishioners could help cleanse my body for the evil invading me. My parents sins and my own were offered to be prayed for. Hands were offered to be laid on me. Seizures are not caused by sin. A short while ago a girl in Africa (I believe is where she was) died by a group trying to cure demons from her that were “creating seizures”. No fault, no sin, no invitation causes a child or adult to have a seizure.

    Sorry to add to your post. This is just a really painful mistaken thought people have shared with me.

  3. Tara – That is just shocking to me. I put in the “not cursed” to sort of cover that but figured that was such old thinking. I cannot believe you experienced that in this recent time. As a Christian myself, this brings me great pain that hurt was caused in a moment when love should have been extended. I’m feeling a week of church posts coming on.

    Andi – I guess this all speaks to the ridiculousness of continuing to think DS is the result of inbreeding. I guess that basics in education are still needed.

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