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  1. Patricia Allen says:

    I can’t get the genome video to plan. Would be interested in seeing it. P

  2. I have a blog post in the queue right now about interventions that will change our children – I agonized over whether it was okay for Sarah Kate to undergo a rhizotomy, because I feared it would change her. Now with Nathan, I feel much differently…but then again, not different at all. I can see more clearly that it was the right thing for, because it didn’t change her in any fundamental way. Interventions for Down syndrome (if/when they become available) are potentially more complex.

    • Andi – Yes, it’s a complex conversation because there are so many different diagnoses and interventions. It’s a lot to take into consideration – what essentially changes are children vs. what helps them be a healthier/happier person. Looking forward to reading your post, as always.

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