Seizures Suck – In Case You Forgot

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  1. Jacqueline (Jackie) Bastarache says:

    Hi Heather…My granddaughter Katelyn was having seizures almost daily..maybe not as bad as Aidan’s …but she also has definitely regressed…she no longer walks,etc. Anyway, same as you, it was trying out different medications, overnight MRIs,etc,etc.. …really frustrating…she always seemed doped up…Anyway, my daughter took her for her eye appointment at the local hospital in St. John,N.B. and the woman doing the test told her about a little boy who was having seizures and his mother took him to a Chinese …I’m not sure if she’s a naturopath or Chinese medicine …anyway, I can get the exact information on that from my daughter…Now, Katelyn has been to see her about 3 times I think ….1st she advised to take her off dairy products…I read that somewhere too..that removing dairy products from the diet can help…she also gave some health medication for bones,etc….Anyway, Knock on Wood…Katelyn is doing much, much better…no apparent seizures…the reports from school all say ..Katelyn had a great day…she rarely naps anymore…
    Maybe Aidan isn’t having dairy products but if he is, it’s worth a try to remove them from his diet…
    My daughter is really impressed with this woman…and other people are too as she is very busy. Lately too my daughter was talking to a woman whose grandson was having seizures and his parents took him to a naturopath or similar profession as this woman in Antigonish, Nova Scotia where they live and the result was the same as Katelyn….Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years…Anyway,if you’re interested to find out more accurate details I can ask my daughter (Daniele Doyle) to call you ..All the best to you and Aidan and your family!…Jackie Bastarache

  2. Shivaun says:


    You are the best mother in the world.

    Palm Desert, California

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