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Sandy in Disability World

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2 Responses

  1. Five Kids Is a Lot of Kids says:

    Love this, Heather! Thanks for the update on your family & how you manage storm prep. Isn’t it funny being on the grown-up end of things? (Um, I just corrected “thongs” to “things.” You’re welcome. That sentence sounded totally different when it ended in thongs.) I grew up in the middle of the jungle with just a few hours of generator power per day. I miss the dark nights & wood stove & battery powered lights, but I’m glad for the access to medical care & grocery stores!

  2. Glad to know y’all kept safe! I have been thinking about everyone out there in the line of Sandy. It was a ferocious storm.

    I love when the power goes out. We make forts and castles and make believe about great, amazing things the street lights never allow us to properly see.

    Stay safe and stay warm. I hope the rain and wind have passed you all by.

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