Putting on Your Oxygen Mask

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4 Responses

  1. Karen says:

    Love how you make me THINK….and give me new perspectives. I cheer you.

  2. Beth Woolsey says:

    Well, OF COURSE I can do that split. I was once a (terrible, horrible) cheerleader, you know, and those are life skills, baby. You don’t just lose them. I’d show you my split, but I wouldn’t want to make all the other girls jealous. You understand, I’m sure. Just thinking of others.

    Kidding aside, Heather, this was LOVELY. I adore the way you honored the mamas’ lists of things for which they’re thankful.

    As for me, since I never actually answered the question myself (heh heh heh), I’ll answer your question by saying…

    I totally rock because I choose to discard every day the persistent fear that I’m dumb. I choose to kick the internal messages of self-doubt to the curb and then plug my ears and yell “LALALALA. I can’t hear you!” until I can’t hear them anymore. I choose to post the truest truths I know, even when I’m certain they’re laughable or trite or terrifyingly vulnerable. I choose to believe that God has a sense of humor and is more interested in doubting, irreverent, authentic, questioning me than in a different, more fake-o, accept-what-I’m-told spiritual version of myself. And I totally rock because I make super cool friends with people like you.

    Thanks, Heather, for providing this space.

  3. You know, Beth, the first thing I thought when I re-read your post way – she didn’t answer for herself! I’m so with you on telling the truest truth. I really believe each of our stories change lives. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Why do I rock? Gosh – no one has asked me that before. I guess I’d say it’s because I have a fire in my belly that won’t be quenched – a love for the underdog, the overlooked, the outgunned, and the underestimated.

    What a great question!

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