Thoughts on life, disability, and the power of connection.


Happy Halloween

Ok – there are so many ways that kids with disabilities don’t fit in, so many closed doors, or walls that parents have to bust through. But there is this new way, this new place we totally trump you…. * * * *   Now I just have to bite my tongue tonight when the ambulatory children come to my door so I’m not tempted to say, ‘Is that all you got?”


Sandy in Disability World

The winds are flying around outside and we’ve lost power. I’m a born and raised New Englander and a bit of an anti-generator snob. I can live without power. I can even live without water. I grew up flushing toilets with buckets of water and waiting out storms by a fireplace. And really, how often does a kid need to bathe anyway? Now I’m the grown up and apparently I’m supposed to prepare for storms....


Seven Snippets

— 1 — Read this beautiful post about a boy with Special Football powers. He has CP and made a touchdown for his team recently. The wonderful part of this story is that the boy is a contributor, an important member of the team. — 2 — We all remember how excited I got about the Paralympics this summer, right? How could you NOT be excited. I’ve sent some questions to Victoria Arlen (gold medal swimmer) and...


Thankful Thursday – Runners Edition

Liam has been running cross country this year and he loves it. Turns out,  he’s also running with a great group of boys. There is one boy on the team who does a lot of walk/running and always comes in long after everyone else. He remains determined and focused. At one meet, the boys had come in and were getting their water. I went over to them and asked, “Who has a little extra energy...


Just Because

Because it’s not always about Aidan and seizures and scary bad monsters. There is plenty of good and laughter and joy….. My beloved and witty firstborn……


Community Man

I may have gotten Aidan’s wheelchair totally and completely stuck in the ground at Victoria Arlen’s celebration parade. Fortunately, another mom stopped to ask how she could help. I said, “Well, there was a firetruck in the parade. I really could use some big hunky men in uniforms.” She found someone better… (cue booming echo-y voice) *COMMUNITY MAN! A stranger walked over, said hello to us, and addressed Aidan by name. It just so happens...


Perfect Love

You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to meet our fourth Super Hero. Please join me today over at SheLoves Magazine as I share how perfect love casts out fear. If you’re new here read about our life without a diagnosis, and how it effects my marriage, and what I want others to know about my life, and enjoy this little bit of sass. I hope you’ll join us for our journey.


The Boy Who Said Hi

Meet our third Super Hero: The Boy Who Said Hi. It really is that easy, you know. I was standing in line to meet Paralympic Gold Medalist Victoria Arlen. The Boy Who Said Hi asked his grandfather why they were meeting her. He replied by saying Victoria is a world class athlete who has worked really hard and competed in London this summer. His response was totally strengths based. If that sounds like no big deal...


Super Mom

As I listened to the stories of Victoria Arlen’s recovery and achievements at her celebration parade, I turned to my friend and said, “Who do you think drove her to swim practices an hour away?” Though Victoria was critically ill for several years, she will manage to graduate with her senior class this year. Who helped her get back on track academically? Who coordinated with the school and took Victoria to countless medical appointments? Who...


Super Hero Week

I met four Super Heros this week. For Real. Two of my favorite realities collided – people with disabilities have special powers and I love the Paralympics. Meet Victoria, our first Super Hero. Victoria Arlen is an Olympic Champion, but being a medal winning swimmer is not her only superpower. Victoria was paralyzed at the age of 11 by transverse myelitis (inflammatory disease causing injury to spinal cord) and was in a vegetative state for several years....