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  1. Patricia Allen says:

    We will be with you all the way, just many miles away, but accessible by email and phone for the first 2 days. Love, pat

    Pat Jackson Allen

  2. Uncle Bill says:

    Good luck with the surgery. Hugs and kisses all around and my thoughts are with you all.

  3. Thinking of sweet Aidan and your family and will keep you all in my prayers. I totally get the hospital nesting instinct, I would pack Matthew’s crib to bring with us during admissions if I could.

  4. Shivaun says:


    I love you, Heather.

  5. Shivaun says:

    Aidan = Hero.

    Please forgive my mis-type.
    Again…sending love.

  6. Joy says:

    Wishing you and especially Aidan good nerves, best of luck, good surgeons, a gorgeous and loving team of nurses and staff at the hospital and a speedy recovery! xo

  7. BraysMa-ma says:

    Thinking of you and Aidan tonight. <3 xoxoxo

  8. Ettina says:

    That was the toughest part of my dog having knee surgery, too. The night after, she kept me up most of the night whimpering, and I thought it was pain, but then my Mom figured out by accident that she was feeling cold. (Mom was on the floor cuddling her and Mom got cold, so I tossed a blanket over both of them and the dog calmed down.) It’s so heartwrenching when someone you love is suffering but they can’t tell you what they need or how you can help.

  1. November 5, 2014

    […] and did I mention that Aidan was undergoing major orthopedic surgery? During the pre-op visit they went over tons of medical information. They gave me time to ask […]

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