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  1. trevorsmommy says:

    “Aidan being broken in no way means that he should be less valued. This is the balance. We need to call the situation what it is and then cherish, appreciate and find beauty in his brokenness. Because all of this is very murky, I reserve the right to my knee jerk reaction until I muddle through and find myself somewhere in the middle being honest…The truth is, Aidan is broken. He’s also the most perfect and precious Aidan Bowie there is.”

    Just insert Trevy’s name and you’ve summarized my thoughts for me.

    I use the word “broken” for Trevy often. Originally, because he was too itty bitty for his deficits to be seen and most people were stuck on the cute face. It annoyed the crap outta me when people would just assume (because he has a face just like every other child) that 100s of seizures daily would have no bearing on his development. All boys are slower to speak, after all. Of course, having raising another boy who was carrying on full blown conversations by the time he was 2 was just a fluke I guess. For me, it helped bridge that gap. But always…always…I make sure to share my view that we are ALL of us broken in one way or another. Trevy just has to work harder for everything he does. As do I. And sometimes I get exhausted and curse his “brokenness” while at the same time loving him the more for it.

    And that…to me…is the quandry. Murky is the perfect word. Murky and HIGHLY infused with emotions. And as long as that’s the case I don’t think there will be a clear cut path to understanding or acceptance. Which to me just further highlights my belief that we’re all of us broken. Some in body…some in the ability to embrace those with broken bodies wholly…

    Anyway…I’m rambling. And I really shouldn’t be because Bristel is on the couch begging me to snuggle her. And she’s all feverish with mono…


    LOVE this post…


  2. This is such a thought-provoking topic; thank you for airing it. And that stunning photo of you two just zings me in the heart with each viewing.

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