Meet My Village

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  1. Connie Aguilera says:

    I am sitting here crying so much it hurts. I come from a large family and unfortunately the most support I get is a text to see how my Ashlynn is doing. I know I should be happy with that. I always wished for more.. When I read this it hurt in away that I can’t put into words. I was imagining your visits, help and laughter as if they were my own. Then realized, that all I get are text…and the tears of loneliness came from deep down inside.

    • Oh Connie, my heart breaks for you. I do hope your people show up for you in a very real way in time, soon hopefully. Asking for specific help is the hardest thing to do but perhaps you can start with your closest friends and ask. I would hope that you’d find people want to show up. I want that for you.


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