Meet Eliana: The Face of Joy

Eliana’s story¬†as told by her mom Shira:

Eliana: Pura

Eliana is a sweet, cuddly and happy 9 month old baby. She is so pudgy you’d never know that she spent the first 6 weeks of her life in the NICU for feeding difficulties. Her PURA gene variation has caused hypotonia leading to significant developmental delays as well as cortical visual impairment which has been improving over time.

Eliana enjoys music, dolls, books, FaceTime, and anything she can hold and chew. She is her big sister Maya’s biggest fan and will laugh at just about anything Maya does to entertain her. Everyone who has worked with Eliana has fallen in love with her because once those big magnified blue eyes look at you there’s no turning back. She will soon be starting at a school for children with special needs and will receive all of her services there.

She has come a long way in nine months but still has a long way to go!