Meet Aidan: The Face of Independence


Aidan may not walk on his own but he sure gets around. He drives his power chair as fast as he’s allowed through the school hallways. In the evenings, he uses his manual chair at home to get into food that’s been left out or to bulldoze objects around the house. When he walks with us, he can use his entire body to turn away from his bedroom at night, wanting to stay up just a little longer, or to steer us to the mudroom where his chair is parked.

Aidan may not talk on his own but he definitely communicates. We’ve learned that his chair is one way he communicates, using it to tell us where he wants to go or reinforce that he just doesn’t feel like listening to us. He also uses his talker. After years of trying to find the best mode of communication, we found the Speak for Yourself app and Aidan is motivated. We now know he has manners when he actually uses the word PLEASE and because he’s heard sentences his whole life he can now tap out each word to make a sentence when he wants. I WANT MORE PLEASE.

Aidan is the only extrovert in our introverted family and will be quick to pull you in for a forhead bump should he ever meet you.


Aidan: PURA