Little Professor at it Again

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  1. Karen says:

    Love your reflections on the experience! I am also secretly pleased that I was not the PT in mention for a change! Aidan DID teach them a great deal – things that they can’t learn from books or videos or by just observing.

    Please thank my favorite smarty-pants, looks-great-in-a-tie, little professor, and you, for making the effort to share your story with our future therapists.

  2. This is such a wonderful gift you and Aidan provided! I love to see people provide care takers and medical staff-in-training with real life examples of what they will be working with. I try to offer this whenever possible. It is a fun thought imagining their reaction to Aidan’s responses.

    You have also offered the world a very important training lesson with just this one thought: “…just because someone can’t speak doesn’t mean they can’t understand or think.” I wish everyone took time to learn this. Thank you for being so willing to teach us all great life lessons.

  3. aefountain says:

    It’s refreshing to hear your story. One of the things I objected to so greatly was when the school board required Troy to succumb to a pyschological test. A stranger who has never met him before visited for an hour and completed an entire assessment of him. I was very much bothered by this because Troy is not a trained seal. He is not like the pack of normal children. Telling him a certain way, will result in better responses. Provide the right incentive and he will. That report disgusted me then and still disgusts me.
    Another time we were getting his eyes tested at a University, who had students training. They had Ernie from Sesame Street and they were bopping this thing back and forth and Troy was completed disinterested. I sat by and watched how they assessed him. Once completed, the doctor was listening to the findings of his students. I grabbed “Barney” and did the exact same actions they did. Troy’s responses were much different and clearly he had strong peripheral vision and what he needed was an entirely different prescription.
    I think this is such an important story to share and thank you for doing so.

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