Let’s Play a Game

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  1. Amanda Jobin says:

    PURA and Simple (sometimes complicated) – straight talk about mobility, seizures, and changing the world in your pj’s.

  2. Becca, your older and wiser sister says:

    I am taking issue and I can because I am your sister and not on FB – yes, seizures, PURA gene, and mobility are some of your subjects. HOWEVER, there are significant themes woven through all of your posts: inclusion, relationships, choice, gratitude, fear, honesty, hope and most of all humor. I don’t have a suggestion right yet, but will. Don’t lock yourself to the subject – keep it broad like the PJs example.

    • mml46 says:

      Becca, you are very correct, this is what I love about the blog, it is never just about the critical issues around Aidan, it is so much more than that and all the words you use are the true elements of the blog! x

    • Joanna says:

      or maybe Pajama Mama? I like the idea of a broad name as well…good luck!

      • LOVE Pajama Mama! That won for Uncle Joshy too but it’s a taken domain. Bummer. Lots of talk on the PJs theme though.

        • Joanna says:

          hmmm…I like a lot of these suggestion. My last thought was maybe The Family Code or Our Family Code. That way it is still broad because code can be used for so many different things…inside jokes, Aidan, your values and beliefs, etc. And with that, I’ll leave you alone now. Can’t wait to see the redesign!

  3. Karen Gage Bensley says:

    Why are you changing the name? That will help me get my ideas going…..


    ~ Karen

    Karen Gage Bensley kgbensley@comcast.net

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. cmhaskins says:

    Life in the PURA lane.
    Mobilize this!
    Mom of a Superhero.
    Power in PJs
    DNA–Do Not Assume
    DNA–Disability, Normalcy and Awareness (or Accessibility) [insert any D, N, A words here]
    Parenting the super heroes.

    • Um, this is why you do what you do. Also, I bought a white board and have planned a post Thanksgiving blog meeting with family with prizes and such. I’m pretty sure you’ll be getting a sneak peek follow up.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have to think about a name, but how on earth is your brother single? Seriously ladies…!

    • I know, right? He’s smart and funny and very well travelled – taught English in China – and he loves his sisters!

      There is a whole ‘nother post in here somewhere about how I’m not even going to attend Aidan’s next hospitalization. I’m just going to send competent Joshy and hope that Aidan gets fabulous single nurses!

      • Anonymous says:

        I thought Josh taught English in Mongolia (which, in my humble opinion, is cooler and more exotic than China). What a stud.

        If you really like PJs, then how about “The PJ Evolution”? Or, “The PJ Voyage”?

        I don’t know if you can steal a film title, but for some reason “The River Runs Through It” is popping into my head. I guess I’m thinking of water and how our lives reflect the motion and stillness of it. It’s definitely more of a zen perspective, so it may not be what you’re looking for.

        Anyway, I miss you and love you!! I love ALL of the Allens!! 🙂

        -Little Fusco

  7. Shivaun says:

    1. BioMom: The Chips and Dips of Biotech
    2. Love and its Markers
    3. ‘Tis Heather
    4. Castle to Cradle
    5. Ode to Code
    6. Perfect Child of God
    7. My Brother is Single
    8. Peking Duck #19 (ask Josh)
    9. The Giving Me
    10. Once Upon A Boy

  8. Amy says:

    Real super hero’s wear pj’s

  9. Anonymous says:

    PURA Joy from the PJ Mama (“P ” ura “J ” oy = “PJ” Mama)…get it?

  10. mml46 says:

    The wheels of life, love and motherhood: you only drive this way once. A bit complicated but you might get my drift!

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