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  1. Ellen Stumbo says:

    The Olympics are full of perfect people with perfect bodies. it is natural for them to accomplish what they do. but I agree, why not give the same coverage to the Paralymics and the people that go above and beyond what their bodies should, could do? Yes, let them inspire people, let their lives encourage us all to know we can indeed accomplish much if we set our minds to.
    Great post! Thank you for linking up.

  2. To all Bowie’s
    I miss the beautiful Irishman, his practically perfect wife, the tall drink of water for a son, and the little man with cool wheels – all over a thousand miles away.

    Your life has brought me into the reality of humanity.

  3. Patricia Allen says:

    You are such a good writer. Are you sending these blogs to NBC and the paralympics Committee? They need to know you are out there. P

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