In the Beginning – Part Eight

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  1. Christine Haskins says:

    So normally I read every single one of your posts as SOON as I see them. I love them, I love hearing about your world, and I love getting to know your sons. But when I saw you were doing a “from the beginning” series, I just couldn’t read them. I don’t know why. It took me to my experiences? It’s just too hard to feel those emotions? If I don’t read them then they didn’t really happen? They illustrate our impotence? All of those probably. But I just read them all (so far) and am amazed. It amazes me that the sun still rises each day when things like this happen, that we make it through and that life goes on. And, those days changed you forever, my dear. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Christine – I totally hear you. Even though it’s a 3 week series, I had to write them in a week to get it out of my system. It was pretty hard, but also good to reflect. It’s amazing to me that I lived through that, and is a great reminder that we get strength when we really need it, even if it doesn’t feel like strength at the time. It’s also a wonderful reminder to me that we didn’t travel that road alone, from boots on the ground to encouraging words from moms like you. Keep reading….I promise it’s a great ending!

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