In the Beginning – One Year Later

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4 Responses

  1. I can’t stand how adorable this photo is and I know I’m biased. The girly shirt belongs to his girly cousin but the Irish hair and face is all his! Don’t you just feel like you have to pinch his cheeks?

  2. Christine Haskins says:

    So as someone who was following this tangentially at the time, I’m now figuring out why I was so confused. I remember you talking about Holland. And I couldn’t figure out WHY you would move there. I could see going to Ireland to be by Garreth’s family. Maybe you went there for better medical care? But why would you have all this turmoil and chaos and decide to move to HOLLAND? So, I figured it was Holland, MI (I’ve been there; the tulip festival is delightful).

    Just so glad to have that minor piece figured out. I’m so enjoying all your posts. Thanks for telling us what it is like to have a unplanned trip to Holland.

  3. Christine – Too funny. Did I maybe honeymoon in Holland, MI? The Holland metaphor is widely known and widely disputed in the special needs community. Perhaps that’s a topic for another post.

  4. MsM says:

    I’m glad I got to read this and know the story behind Aidan. He is such a special person.

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