He’s Famous!!!

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11 Responses

  1. Christie says:

    Awesome, awesome job! Way to go, Liam! Article-signing party??

  2. Uncle Bill says:

    Congratulations, Liam. Let’s grab lunch and discuss movie rights. My agent will be in touch with your agent.

  3. Wow…this apple didn’t fall far from the tree! I wonder what Aiden will write one day with that iPad!!

  4. Jim says:

    I just read your article Liam and I applaud you for sharing your personal life with Aidan in such a caring and loving way. I hope many others will have an opportunity to read it also, it will give them a much better perspective on life.

  5. Marissa says:

    This will be copied and shared with my colleagues. A beautiful job writing, incredible insight and an illustration of a brother’s love. Couldn’t have been more perfect. Congratulations!

  6. That’s so awesome! I just wrote a post about how I wonder when JJ will realize his twin is “different” and — according to much of the world — “less than”. I crave hearing from siblings and can’t wait to check it out!

  7. This is so beautiful! I read the article with tears in my eyes the whole time. I wish my little guy had a big brother like Liam to look up to and love. I would love to share a link to your page and Liam’s article in my Seven Snippets this weekend if that’s okay with you.

  8. Pat Dillman says:

    I work in a skilled nursing facility for children and when I read your editorial I was touched. We talked about it this morning after our clinical status meeting and others were impressed as well by your article. Thank you

  9. Stacey says:

    This. Is. Awesome.
    Way to go, Liam! Thank you for putting your thoughts on paper to share with others.

  10. This is amazing, thank you for pointing me in the direction of this, I love it. Your son sounds so well-balanced. I always worry that Emma will resent her brother, but I’ve always hoped she’ll head the same way as Liam. Please tell him this article made me cry – but in a good way.

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