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  1. Shivaun says:

    Greetings from California, Heather!

    Glad to hear about A’s bedtime pluck.

    You are a terrific Mom and a terrific writer. Thank you for this post.

    Looking forward to hearing about the Big News!

    Love, Shivaun

  2. Karen says:

    Yes, he’s that smart, that strong, that determined. Keep on going, Aidan!

  3. Karen says:

    PS I am on a FB fast and you are soooo tempting me to break it! Process fast, please!

  4. Oh wow! I am delighted to read this. I can just imagine your joy. Hugh’s developed a bit of a personality too and like you say all behaviour is communication. His latest trick is fake crying which he uses to get out of physio or to be put to bed when he’s just had enough of us all and wants a bit of peace. I love it! Hugh is undiagnosed too and I’ve just read your post about exome sequencing. Hugh’s having that done now although we have to wait significantly longer than 6 months as it’s part of a large country wide survey of developmental disorders (we’re in the UK). Hugh reminds me of a younger version of Aiden, I hope he progresses as much as Aiden has and can use a power chair and take steps one day. (He’s nearly 4 now). He is also gorgeous just like AIden too! xxx

    • Emma – Thanks for stopping by and joining us on Facebook. If you ever have questions about mobility I’m happy to help you think them through. We LOVE AIdan’s power chair and it has actually helped him with his walking. It seems counterintuitive but it changed our lives. We also thought Aidan would only be capable of small turns in his chair, not driving independently. He needed a little time to figure it out and it’s been incredible.

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