Genetics Update

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  1. Shivaun says:

    Warm greetings from sunny Southern California, Heather.

    I read your blog the moment it pops up because I have grown so very fond of your son–both of your sons–through your weekly posts. So intrigued by what you will learn in the next few weeks. You are now Dr. Bowie! You have learned so much & write eloquently about each heart & health trail you blaze & what you uncover. I am also extremely grateful for the snow day he enjoyed this week & the chance to just be a kid.

    You are doing a wonderful job of loving, raising & companioning with your sons & family, Heather, and I just can’t emphasize that enough.

    With a good measure of awe,

  2. As always Shivaun – it’s good to have you in my corner!

  3. What a fascinating process. I hope it gives you an abundant amount of information. I look forward to reading the results.

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