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  1. Joanna says:

    I tried to get through the whole video about the infantile spasms but it hit too close to home. Tess was diagnosed with hypsarrhythmia when she was almost 3 which means I overlooked her symptoms for a long time (just had no clue it was even a “thing”) and I thought she was having some weird type of hiccups. Ah, mother’s guilt. There’s nothing quite like it. Kudos to your friend, Danielle, for having the courage to make the video and get it out there for others! 🙂

  2. Joanna – I felt the same way about the video. It was hard. I too let Aidan’s seizures go b/c I had absolutely no idea what they were until i stumbled across Danielle’s video of Trevor online. I actually met with them this weekend and saw Trevor singing and dancing and we played the name every Disney movie you can think of game. He’s doing GREAT, not without some real hardships in life, but quite the adorable miracle.

    I know Danielle has posted clips of his singing somewhere but here he is reading.

  3. Shivaun says:

    Dear H-
    Could not click through on either video via iPhone. Is it the link or my connection?

    • hhmmmm….that’s a good question and I’m not sure I’m smart enough to answer it. I know the video link is working on the blog. Could be the browser? Liam felt the video should work on an iphone. Sorry that’s not more helpful.

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